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HTML, Images & Design - A Practical Course in Building Web Pages and Sites

This course is intended for people who know what a web site, browser, mouse and a computer are, and wish to create their own web page / web site. It is not for absolute beginners. For absolute Internet beginners we can offer a basic Internet awareness programme prior to the start of the practical course.

The course is NOT a 'how to use Front Page course'. We do not use Front Page ourselves because of its limitations. This course is designed to give you a proper understanding of how to construct a web page without unnecessary complications. It is a practical approach to building effective web sites that are fast and informative - based upon our own commercial experience over the last 5 years in the UK. We will be using a range of programmes, rather than Front Page.

There will be advanced level course(s) at a later date, building on this one, to cover in more depth many of the aspects mentioned below - plus how to identify a clients needs and make the web site work for his business, how to sell & market your skills & site (both on and off the web).

At the end of the course students will have covered all the aspects listed below (and had practical experience of creating & uploading a site to a live server) .... and will be assessed on their level of competence. will issue an In-House diploma on which will be written the URL of his/her referral site and the relevant password. On the referral site will be that persons details, grades / assessments from the course, examples of work done (URLS), and eventually emails from clients either recommending or criticizing their work.


HTML - What is is and how it works, the basics - helper programmes.

IMAGES - Types of web images & how to prepare them - programmes to use.

DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS - Bringing HTML, Images, Search engine requirements & Content together.

WEB PAGE to WEB SITE - How to develop and market a total web site.

FORMS & CGI SCRIPTS - Creating forms and using 'stock' Perl / CGI scripts for form responses.

FTP USE - How to upload your site onto a server.

DHTML, XML, JavaScript & Applets - some easy introductory pointers.

PROGRAMMES TO USE - We give our assessment on a variety of programmes, the advantages & disadvantages, both for WYSIWIG site development & Image preparation - many of which are free and we will use on the course.

FUTURE STUDY & DEVELOPMENT - where you go from here.


HTML - (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is the basis on which web pages are constructed. You will be taken through the basic use of HTML, shown how it works and introduced to its main elements ... Tags & elements, Head, Body & META tags, Fonts, Anchors, Headings, Paragraphs, Line Breaks, Tables, Links, Creating / Changing HTML 'by hand'. The aim is to give you the ability to 'read' the HTML produced by other programmes AND the ability to manually alter 'bits' yourself when it is required. You will be introduced to WYSIWIG HTML page creation programmes.

IMAGES - Types of images for the web, gif, jpb, png, animated gifs. Preparation of images for the web - contrast / tonal range, unsharp mask, colour balance, drop shadows, text as images & anti-aliasing, screen pixels, scanning issues (hard copy, negatives etc.).

DESIGN - Limitations placed on design for the web, compared to print media, and how to work with them for reaching the target market, clarity, navigation, search engine prepardness, browser differences, user defaults, image & text combinations re layouts, use of space, page sizes & download times, colour, backgrounds and considerations of screen sizes. Getting & generating ideas. NB Like all art forms web design is a creative talent that one either has or one has not. Although some mechanical aspects of design can be taught we cannot, and neither can anyone else, teach you things like colour awareness, page balance etc. We can help you develop your talent but we cannot give you it.

WEB PAGE to WEB SITE - How to develop and market a total web site - bringing together all the above with the client content / information / aims. Getting the overall structure / layout of the site established, allowing for easy future additions, search engine friendly aspects, page names & titles and use of relative & absolute links.

FORMS & CGI SCRIPTS - Creating forms and using 'stock' Perl / CGI scripts for form responses. Using, or similar, how to create the HTML form, the elements of forms available for use, how to send the information to the perl script. Setting up the Perl script in the CGI-BIN, changing file permissions, required fields, use of response page and subsequent links.

FTP - Introduction to CuteFTP & WSFTP programmes for uploading your web pages and images to the server. You will have server space & access to upload your site on the Thincweb server. What file permissions are & how to change them.

DHTML, XML, JavaScript & Applets - some easy introductory pointers. This section is included to give an initial introduction to the terminology for more advanced aspects of web site construction. It is not a 'how to' part of the course (except at a very basic level).

FUTURE STUDY & DEVELOPMENT - Following on from this course you will have available the Thincweb web space to try out your web page / site building skills. We will provide up to two 'critiques' of your work by email - if you wish (please note we will be very honest, but also constructive).

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